Get Paid To Recycle Your Electronics! We buy used Computers, LCD Monitors, Servers, Routers, Switches, Medical Equipment, Lab Equipment, Test Equipment & More!

Computer Systems Asset Disposal (CSAD) is an Electronics Recycling & IT Asset Management company that provides organizations of all sizes with the highest return on their decommissioned technology investments. We’re positioned differently than traditional electronics recycling companies who focus on recovering scrap/commodity values from old electronics. Our focus is on the reuse of technology and we work with our clients on a consignment basis for their end-of-life computers, monitors, IT/networking equipment, medical/test/lab equipment and other electronics.

On average CSAD pays our clients 20 times more than the competition for used electronic equipment! This is possible because we have strategically positioned ourselves as a refurbisher & reseller not a recycler. All hard drives are either physically destroyed or wiped to Department of Defense Standards and any equipment that cannot be refurbished or resold is sent downstream to an R2 Certified Electronics Recycler at no cost.

We’ve seen firsthand the low value (pennies per pound) that clients receive for recycling their used computers, monitors, IT/networking equipment, medical/test/lab equipment and other electronics for scrap value. It is not uncommon for a traditional electronics recycler to pay between $0.00/lb. – $0.10/lb. for used electronics. Because we don’t have the high overhead of operating a large warehouse full of workers manually dismantling equipment for scrap value, we are able to be highly competitive when paying our clients for their used equipment.

Sell us your used business computers, LCD monitors, servers, routers, switches, medical equipment and other electronics. We guarantee you won’t find more value in the Rochester, NY, Buffalo, NY or Syracuse, NY areas!