Computer Recycling – Done the Right Way!

When most people think about electronics recycling, they envision a big warehouse with a bunch of people in hard hats separating metals, glass, and circuit boards into piles to be melted down into a lamp or a steel beam in another life. Because this process is costly and doesn’t yield much residual value, most organizations still pay to have their old computer equipment hauled off and recycled.

Computer Systems Asset Disposal is quickly changing the way that people think about electronics recycling. That is because we don’t melt down your old equipment to turn it into lamps – we turn it into CASH instead! How can we do that? We have been in the computer and telephony sales business for 18 years in Rochester NY and we have the technical expertise and sales knowledge to repair and refurbish your equipment so that it can be sold through our extensive channel network. One customer’s junk is another’s equipment upgrade.

That pile of decommissioned Cisco switches collecting dust in the corner – we’ll give you $10,000 for it. Those 30 broken laptops that have been raided for parts – that could get you a check for $3,000. And the old analog phone system that you ripped out a year ago, that could yield you a credit to buy 20 brand new VoIP phones from us without having to go through the time consuming purchase order process.

If you ever pay to dispose of your old computer equipment, you are wasting your company’s money! Call us today to find out how you can get money for your old equipment while ensuring that your data will be 100% secure and none of the items will ever end up in a landfill. We’ll show you how great it feels when you have your computer recycling done the right way!