Customized Reporting/Tracking

When any item is sold, the related sales information will be added to your company’s customized Asset Revenue Database which tracks the sales date, amount, the resulting revenue for your company and other relevant information for each transaction. We can also merge this database with the Asset Tracking Database which we create for customers upon receipt of your equipment. This will insure that all assets are tracked through the entire Asset Disposal Process. If your company requires Certificates of Destruction for the data on any equipment we will provide that for individual items or an entire pickup. We also provide a SOW (Scope of Work) document for any pickup which requires Asset Deinstallation that will provide our engineers with an itemized detail of all steps and services that will be included in the process. Also, for all on-site pickups we provide our customers with a Disposal Receipt which list all necessary details about the equipment removal. This receipt includes a unique work order number that can be used to track the equipment through the entire Asset Disposal process.