Compensation Plans

Just as one size does not fit all in the clothing world, the same applies with Asset Disposal. Since none of our customers are exactly alike, we have created different payment options which are tailored to their specific Asset Disposal needs. Whether you want your payment instantly, after the project completion, or in the form of a credit to buy new equipment from our reseller division – we have plans to accommodate your needs. To view the different plans and determine which is best for your organization, click on the links below.

Consignment Program

This program is the payment method that most of our customers opt for because it is simple and in most cases yields the greatest return for your organization. When we sell an item, you get paid for it! It couldn’t be any easier.

One of our Asset ROI Consultants will make arrangements for the secure delivery of your equipment to our Asset Refinement Center. Upon receipt of the products, we will erase any data on the equipment to Department of Defense standards and remove all asset tags or other identifying demarcations for your organization. Once the hard drives and other media storage devices are removed and wiped/destroyed, our service engineers will recondition all of the equipment to assure that you receive the maximum value when we resell them through our various sales channels.

When any item is sold, the related sales information will be added to your company’s customized Asset Revenue Database which tracks the sales date, item description and revenue for your organization. At whatever payment interval you choose, we will send you a check for the total revenue generated during that time period. Whether you want us to send your revenue checks monthly, quarterly, or at the completion of all product sales – you decide when you want to receive your money.

Bulk Buy

Unfortunately the process of receiving, sorting, erasing the data, repairing and preparing the equipment for resale, and finding the right channel to market your pre-enjoyed assets doesn’t happen overnight. Even though the Customer Consignment Program provides the greatest return for your products, sometimes you don’t have time to wait for everything to sell!

That is where our Bulk Buy program comes in. If you specify that you want us to use this program for the processing of your items, we will put them in the Priority Processing queue so that we can get the bulk of the items reconditioned and sold within 30 days. Whatever sells within that time will be added up and we will send you a check for it on that day!

One pile of equipment, one month, one check!

Payment Upon Possession

Do you need cash for your equipment quickly? Then the Payment Upon Possession Plan is for you. When our Logistics Specialist arrives to pick up your equipment, they will do a quick assessment of the value of your items and give you cash on the spot! If an on-site pick-up of the equipment is not possible and you choose to send it to us, we will mail you a check the same day that we receive it.

In today’s fast paced world, time is money, so we get you your money in no time!

New Equipment Purchase Credit

We aren’t just an Asset Disposal company. Our sister company is a large computer reseller that has provided our customers with IT products and solutions from manufacturers such as HP, Dell, Cisco, Microsoft, IBM, and Apple for over 30 years. Our highly technical sales representatives design networks, Storage Area Networks, configure servers and can sell you just about every product that you use for your IT and Telephony needs. As many of our customers have seen, having one company that you can work with for all of your IT Lifecycle Management needs has significant benefits.

With the New Equipment Purchase Credit, when you receive your Asset Revenue Summary from us, that amount can instantly be applied to purchases of new equipment from our reseller division. You can order items against this credit verbally to eliminate the hassle of the normal procurement process or we can even apply this credit to your Accounts Payable statement to pay off existing invoices. Having a company that can be your one source for all of your computer and telephony purchases, installation, repair services, and asset disposal will maximize your ROI on your IT investments while significantly simplifying the process. One call to one vendor for all IT equipment needs makes life a lot easier.