Asset Removal & De-Installation

Our Certified Engineers can go on-site to provide a variety of services to assist the customer with the asset disposal process. In every case we treat the equipment that we are removing with care to ensure that items that will be resold do not get cosmetic or physical damage that might lower the ROI that our customer will receive on each item. If equipment such as servers, SAN’s or networking equipment are still in use, we will work with your IT staff for proper deinstallation of the equipment in a manner that does not affect the operations of the other active equipment.

Whether the equipment requires power down, cable and interface card removal, unracking, hard drive extraction, or equipment removal from an active employee workstation – our techs can provide one or all of those services. If a complex decommissioning of the equipment is required, we will create a Scope of Work for the customer prior to the date of pickup. Customer sign-off on the scope of work is required prior to pick-up.